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    1.  斯迪萊特的員工: 勤奮、快樂、富有雄心壯志和創造力。我們從以人為本的共同的價值觀中學會鼓勵和忠誠,包括同事、供應商、客戶和業務合作伙伴。這就是為什么我們可以毫無保留的把關系建立在真誠信任的基礎上。

      Steelite staff: hard-working, happy,ambitious, creative. We get inspiration and dedication from common values that unite people together including colleagues, suppliers, buyers and business partners. That is why we are so open-minded and would like to develop relationships on the basis of sincere trust. 



      We are dedicated to establishing strong and good relationships with our customers. Each time, we endeavor to create new values and success opportunities for our customers. We get inspirations from our architects and we are sensible to surrounding changes. We do not only make buildings for customers, we also create value. What we go after is to meet distinct needs of our customers and come up with new ideas and solutions.



      We do not fear challenges nor satisfy with status quo, we are heading toward our futuristic mission and vision.

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